Your story is our story. We found ourselves meeting smart and talented women struggling to make career decisions at different points in their lives - starting out, re-entering the workforce, facing a downsizing, thinking about a career/job change/entrepreneurship, or even searching for purpose after a long, corporate career.

While being confident leaders in other parts of our lives, we often second guess our value, our experience and our next move. Is there a better way? We think so. We have created a resource for you that provides career guidance and independent counsel as you navigate your career.

Since we founded Vermilion, members of our community have found the clarity, care, community, and confidence they need to move forward. Bottom line - this is not just about a job. It’s about nurturing your goals, taking control of your career and building confidence to help you find work that is rewarding in purpose and financially.

We believe every woman deserves the next chapter of her career and the freedom to define what it means to her. We’ve been there and we can help you too. Vermilion will help you to take stock, create a plan, and connect you with the resources you need to usher in your next chapter.




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